Mensa Award 2008, The first hits



The award is not famous world event as like Oscar or Grammy Award.  The award is not prestigious award as like Olympiad champion which presents best participants from all over the world.  The award is just internally event, which not popular, but has highest value in our world company.  Mensa Award, the award for valuable people in Mensa Group who contribute their selves for the growth of company.


Has reached the heart of people for 3 years, Mensa Award 2008 was the most spectacular of others previous series Mensa Award.  What makes it different?  In spite of the extravaganza of theme, it’s covered with well done communication strategic from the beginning till end.  The result?  Audience enjoy the fascinating paths which’s created from all dimension effect of communication, with up and down tone spirit encouragement and statement, and finally it succeed delivering audience’s emotion to follow the stream of challenging event.


The First Hits


The big ‘WHAT’ confirmed all the way first term advertisement of  Mensa Award.  What  is Mensa Award, what makes it different, what’s the most reason to participate this year event, what is why you must enjoy this event, was the theme of Mensa Award premiere advertisement.


The grounded proposal of these ad is why this big event need to be major focus, so it can reach the first feedback atmosphere from audience as well reminding them, the award will come soon.


Here are the highlights;









Posted by Afril Wibisono


About afrilwibisono

Online and Digital Marketing are passion fieldwork for Afril. Start with career in LG Electronics Indonesia, Afril has gained multi cross experience on communication, public relations, marketing, digital and online marketing. She has worked at Rajakamar International Group , as Marketing Digital and Communication Division Head. Previously, she was Marketing Communication Manager at Rajawali Corpora - Express Group (2012), Corporate Communication Manager for Mensa Group, PR Manager for Restylane Indonesia and Digital Manager for Chicco Indonesia as well (2008 - 2011) . Now, she acts as CMO at 8commerce, a scalable end to end ecommence enabler. In weekend, she acts as official lecturer for marketing communication major in Bina Nusantara University. About her education history, in 2001 she finished her bachelor degree with cum laude status from Communication Universitas Padjadjaran. Then, in June 2010 she finished her master of communication management from Universitas Indonesia.
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