Strategic Campaign, The Second Thrill of Mensa Award


A true well done strategic campaign was from the most deep thought and brainstorming, to present Mensa Award as the most prestigous internal event in Mensa Award.  With judging the best ideas, language style, organization culture, pictures, and trens, advertisement of Mensa Award’s presence aimed to gather major attentions from all element of Mensa Group.

Just like what already stated before, we finnished explaining  the first chapter of cycle campaign, by exploring the big ‘what ‘ of Mensa Award. Here we tried to describe the awareness of each categories in Mensa Award and why people must care about it. We encouraged them to explore for themselves and question to themselves whether they are the fit people for each categories or not.

Here are few examples :






About afrilwibisono

Online and Digital Marketing are passion fieldwork for Afril. Start with career in LG Electronics Indonesia, Afril has gained multi cross experience on communication, public relations, marketing, digital and online marketing. She has worked at Rajakamar International Group , as Marketing Digital and Communication Division Head. Previously, she was Marketing Communication Manager at Rajawali Corpora - Express Group (2012), Corporate Communication Manager for Mensa Group, PR Manager for Restylane Indonesia and Digital Manager for Chicco Indonesia as well (2008 - 2011) . Now, she acts as CMO at 8commerce, a scalable end to end ecommence enabler. In weekend, she acts as official lecturer for marketing communication major in Bina Nusantara University. About her education history, in 2001 she finished her bachelor degree with cum laude status from Communication Universitas Padjadjaran. Then, in June 2010 she finished her master of communication management from Universitas Indonesia.
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