Playing Down Negative Post

222712pIn my holding company – Mensa Group, we just open our eyes to manage more detail to our PR 2.0 strategies. And those are still about how to develop a user friendly website, including as before discussion, informative, google friendly, up to date always, prompt to respond. Still, it’s not accomplished yet for all subsidiaries, like Landson Pertiwi Agung Pharmaceutical, Otto Pharmaceutical, and MBS. But, for Mensa Group and her subsidiary Menjangan Sakti, which you can click on and , both of them are already developed well based on PR 2.0 strategy.

At least, we have finalized the first step, and we’re challenging in how to playing down negative post, even it counts for next future steps.

What is your ideas to succeed winning the battle for negative post? Just like in war, we must build fortress to have solid entrancement against our enemies. So, what kind fortress can be done for this?

1. still, first – as corporate website is still number one in rank of company information searcher from social networks, you must optimize your own website.

2. start a blog targeted to your name. if you’re a CEO for your company or one of top management or on behalf corporate communication, you can start to personalize your company by publishing your blog targeted to your name, or your company name or your product name or one of your boost program or services. invite your sociality to look, discuss, and share.

3. add sub domains of your corporate website and treats them as separate behavior, more personal, casual, relax

4. create social networks profile, targeted to your name. for example, create a business profile in social media, like Linkedin.

5. share everything that recorded to your company. please, be kind to share to your external sociality your company event photos on flickr, or any unique company videos on youtube, that you can link to your blogs, sub domains, or other social media. that would be very attractive to them, and the good things is the impact is more bigger than you only share those stuff to your internal. Remember, everything write or upload to social media, tends to buy!

Those 5 strategies at least can be your best way to prevent negative posting which attack your brand name company. You cannot imagine, if once you monitor your company name through search engine, like Google, and the appearance in first to third rank mentioned about your company news but in extremely negative tone. If that happened, it means your fortress are already destroyed! So, Welcome to PR 2.0 power!

Posted by Afril Wibisono


About afrilwibisono

Online and Digital Marketing are passion fieldwork for Afril. Start with career in LG Electronics Indonesia, Afril has gained multi cross experience on communication, public relations, marketing, digital and online marketing. She has worked at Rajakamar International Group , as Marketing Digital and Communication Division Head. Previously, she was Marketing Communication Manager at Rajawali Corpora - Express Group (2012), Corporate Communication Manager for Mensa Group, PR Manager for Restylane Indonesia and Digital Manager for Chicco Indonesia as well (2008 - 2011) . Now, she acts as CMO at 8commerce, a scalable end to end ecommence enabler. In weekend, she acts as official lecturer for marketing communication major in Bina Nusantara University. About her education history, in 2001 she finished her bachelor degree with cum laude status from Communication Universitas Padjadjaran. Then, in June 2010 she finished her master of communication management from Universitas Indonesia.
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